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Is that call from Microsoft a scam?

Yes. This is a scam. This is not a legitimate call from Microsoft. Neither Micro294545soft nor Microsoft partners make unsolicited phone calls, known as cold calls about your computer security or software fixes. Many other business names are used as well like Norton, Geek Squad, QuickBooks Etc. These companies will never cold call you about your computer and if you do receive a call it is a scam

If you receive a call like this one, it’s a scam, and all you need to do is hang up.

Online criminals often use publicly available phone directories, so they might know your name and other personal information when they call you. They might even guess what operating system you’re using. It’s still a scam.

DO NOT let scammers encourage you to install dangerous software

Once cybercriminals gain your trust, they might ask for your user name and password or ask you to go to a legitimate website to install software that will let them access your computer to fix it. Once you do this, your computer and your personal information are wide open for them to take over. At this point many times they will password protect your computer and tell you that you have to pay them in order for them to fix it. Usually they ask for $300 but we have seen all kinds of amounts asked for. They will sound very professional and like they know what they are doing but they are criminals and will take advantage of you.

Do not trust unsolicited calls. Do not provide any personal information. Please share this info with your friends and family so we can prevent them from becoming another victim of these criminals. If you or someone you know has become a victim of one of these calls do not hesitate to call us at 254-865-5227 so we can make sure your computer has not been compromised.

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